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The Commissioning Process



       To commission a painting of a ship, portrait or other subjects, please email me at or you may text or call me at 818-298-7486 Prices of paintings or drawings are negotiated by size and complexity of the subject. Generally, sizes range from 11x14 to 48x60  inches. All paintings come framed (included in the price). Shipping is included in the price for paintings up to 22x28. For larger sizes, a shipping quote will be obtained, shipping must be paid before the painting ships. 


Typically, base prices per size are (unframed):


11x14: $600

12x24: $600

16x20: $750

18x24: $900

22x28: $1500

24x36: $2500

40x30: $5000

48x60: $8000


Down Payment and Payment Plans:

I require a half of the base price for paintings less than $1000 as a non-refundable down payment. For paintings $1000 or more, 1/4 of the base price is required. This is so I can purchase the necessary supplies to complete your painting. It is also to ensure that there is an investment in the artwork. The remaining balance is due upon final approval before shipping. Payments can be made monthly as the painting is being completed. A painting may take between 4-8 months to complete depending on size and complexity. 


Final Approval:

Once the painting is complete, I will send via email, text, LinkedIn or Facebook (your preference) a digital image of the finished work for your approval. Once the work is approved and the balance is paid, it's ready to ship!



The painting will ship upon receipt of the remaining balance, including the shipping price (if applicable). Tracking numbers are provided upon shipment.


For any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to email or call me!


Recent Commissions

The First Shot



Commission for The USS Paul F. Foster Association

USS Chancellorsville (Out of the Storm)



Oil on Canvas

Commission for Mr. Michael Tavolleri

Privateer After a Prize



Oil on Canvas

Commissioned by Mr. Ray Brown

Ex Libris



Ink on Paper

Commissioned by Mr. Richard Hyman 

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